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My tailored approach to plan your wedding 

allows me to ensure that every aspect of your day 

will be exactly the way you want it. 

Our passion, professionalism and creativity is present from the first meeting, for you to relax and enjoy a unique celebration managed and designed to 


 You might already have a vision 

of your dream day, that's where we

start to create together.


Bar & Bat Mitzvah is a very important day 

in the life of your child who has already 

grown up so fast.


This Event brings together all generations to 

celebrate in the country’s most beautiful places and to create new magical and unforgettable memories.

Organizing a Bar & Bat Mizvah in Israel is our specialty, we will help you discover the most holy places in Judaism for this very unique ceremony.

Shabbat Chatan

Would you like to extend the magic of your wedding in Israel?


The Shabbat Chatan is an event that brings together all your loved ones to honour the maried couple

in a convivial environment.

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